MARBLE Collection

Introducing our Marble and Brass Collection, showcasing top-notch products made from high-quality marble and durable brass. Our range includes kitchen and cabinet handles, door lever handles, door knobs, and more.

We've carefully selected the finest marble to craft elegant and enduring pieces in our Marble and Brass Collection. Marble adds a touch of sophistication and natural beauty to any space, making it a perfect choice for your kitchen, cabinets, doors, and beyond.

Complementing the luxurious marble, our products feature sturdy brass components. Brass is known for its strength and timeless appeal, adding a classy touch to the overall design.

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MARBLE Solid Brass T-Bar Handle - Luxury Handles
Length:51mm (Height:31mm)

MARBLE Solid Brass T-Bar Handle

£11.76 GBP
This t-bar handle is a beautiful green and white marble made of natural marble. Each is unique, coming in two colours: Green or White. Add a touch of luxury to...
MARBLE Solid Brass Knob - Luxury Handles
Height:34mm (Diameter:30m)Height:26mm (Diameter:30mm)

MARBLE Solid Brass Knob

From £9.30 GBP
Showcase your home with our stunning marble door handles. Made of natural marble and hand-polished to a high shine, these fittings are the perfect finishing touch for any kitchen or...
MARBLE Solid Brass Kitchen & Cabinet Handle - Luxury Handles
Length:130mm (CC:96mm)

MARBLE Solid Brass Kitchen & Cabinet Handle

£19.05 GBP
Natural marble cabinet handles, beautiful green and white marble. Solid brass inside, durable and solid. It’s more than just a handle. It’s a statement. Made of real marble and available...

Designed for luxury, crafted for quality

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